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From marco <>
Subject Fwd: Re: [users@httpd] Apache modify source code
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 15:15:58 GMT

-------- Messaggio originale --------
Oggetto: 	Re: [users@httpd] Apache modify source code
Data: 	Mon, 16 May 2011 17:05:16 +0200
Mittente: 	marco <>
A: 	Mark Montague <>

Il 16/05/2011 16.56, Mark Montague ha scritto:
>   On May 16, 2011 10:49 , marco<>  wrote:
>>  I want to ask you if someone have tried to modify apache source code.
>  Yes.
>>  Can I modify code after installation or I need to recompile all
>>  apache source files?
>  Apache HTTP Server is written in C.  This means that you need to
>  recompile anything that is affected by your modification.  If you
>  modify the Apache core (httpd), you will need to recompile that
>  binary.  If you modify an included module, you will need to recompile
>  that module.  If you modify a third party module, then only that third
>  party module will need to be recompiled.   Your software build system
>  ("make" if you are using a Unix-like system) will track dependencies
>  and recompile only the affected source files; you will then need to
>  install the new binaries.
>>  P.S: In particular I want to modify http_request.c file (and I want
>>  to insert into it a routine called from ap_process_request() function).
I explain you what I have to do: I have a LAMP architecure and I want
that when an http request must be served, then the apache server (before
the request is served) send a signal to a different process (that
doesn't belong to apache, for example a process called X). Only after
the X process run, Apache can serve the request.
So the temporal sequence are:

I have seen that http_request.c file manage this situation; for this I
want to modify this file.

Can you believe that this problem can be solved without modify
http_request.c file?
Thanks for the answer
>  Are you sure you need to do this, and that what you need to do can't
>  be done via a module such as mod_rewrite, mod_headers, mod_include, or
>  mod_perl?  (note that mod_perl has access to the internal Apache
>  request processing hooks).
>  -- 
>    Mark Montague

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