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From Mark Montague <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] URL Rewrite
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2011 17:09:55 GMT
  On April 20, 2011 7:07 , "Rod Behr" <> wrote:
> I want my browser to display only the root canonical URL while 
> browsing: Whatever is contained in the URL or 
> querystring following this should not appear in the browser window. So 
> or 

> <>

> should both simply show in the browser window.

Why?  Knowing this might allow us to suggest other solutions.

Note that what you are asking for goes against the way web browsers are 
designed, is user-unfriendly, and, if you are successful in implementing 
it, will cause problems for search engines such as Google and Bing (even 
to the point of them being unable to access your content and/or outright 
banning your site from search results).  Also, this could cause 
accessibility issues for people with disabilities, which may be a 
violation of one or more national or local laws.

Apache HTTP Server can internally rewrite request URLs in a way that is 
invisible to the web browser and end user, but this will not accomplish 
what you want:  the web browser will always display the URL that the 
user originally requested (the link target) even if the content is 
actually being served from a different URL.  A user would go to but if they then clicked on a link for, the web browser would display 
this second URL in their location bar before sending the request to the 
web server, and there is no way the web server can change the URL 
displayed in the location bar short of doing a redirect to a different URL.

> The iFrame solution works to a point, but that still reveals the 
> filename containing the iFrame -- I want this hidden also.

Another solution is to design your site to use a "front controller" that 
live at and handles all requests for content 
for the entire site.  If you did this and did not use path info ("extra 
path" components) and made all pages except for the main page pass 
information to the front controller via hidden form fields in POST 
requests (instead of query strings).  See

Finally, you could write a page that uses AJAX to request content from 
the server whenever the user clicks on a link, dynamically loading that 
content into various areas of the current web page.  Since a complete 
page load is never done, the URL in the titlebar will never change from    You could configure Apache HTTP Server with 
rewrite rules so that if a request comes in for any other URL the user 
is redirected to the site's main page.

Out of curiosity -- your original message implies that you already know 
how to do what you want with Microsoft IIS but are trying to find the 
equivalent solution for Apache HTTP Server.  How does IIS do this?

   Mark Montague

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