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From Nishit Shivnani <>
Subject [users@httpd] Problem in configuring two httpd services on one machine with two IPs
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2011 04:32:38 GMT
Hello Team,

I need some help from the Apache experts.
I have a machine with Red Hat Linux OS and Apache HTTP Server 2.2.3. This
machine has another IP installed on it.
Now I need to have httpd service listening on port 80 and 443 for both the
IPs of the server. For which I need to have two instances httpd running.

I read the Apache Virtual Host documentation, and I feel I need to go with
IP based Virtual Host and setup Multiple Daemons (
For Multiple Daemon Setup, the page states : "Create a separate
for each virtual host.". When I try to run the Apache installer again, it
says the software is already installed.
Can anyone help me with the process of separate httpd installation for
different IP on same server?

Just for trying out a way that struck my mind, I did following:
I tried to copy the folder created after first install i.e. /etc/httpd as
/etc/httpd1 and edit the httpd.conf in httpd1. I edited following attributes
ServerName to point to second IP, ServerRoot folder and PidFile.
I also renamed the /etc/httpd1/httpd.conf to /etc/httpd1/*httpd1*.conf to
point to httpd1.
When I try to start the httpd1 service, by following statement : service
httpd1 start. I get following output : "httpd1: unrecognized service"

Thanks in anticipation of a solution.


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