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From Skye Sweeney <>
Subject [users@httpd] Remote shell access via Apache
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2011 13:44:51 GMT
I have now been monitoring this distribution list for a month and now feel
like I can ask my question...

Recently my company has but a filter in their firewall to prevent any access
to any outside computer over SSH or FTP. This has broken my ability to
access my home computer to do such things as powering it off during
thunderstorms. Only a very few ports are open on the firewall. These include
port 80.

Question: Is it possible to configure Apache and/or other components to
allow a client to have a simple "bash shell" into the computer running
Apache? I do not need X11 or any other graphic interfaces, just a good old
shell and even that could be limited. Now before people freak out about
security, it should be known that my firewall only allows connections from
very specific MAC addresses. As long as I do not publish those, I consider
my home Linux server very safe.

I have tried to Goggle the answer, but I have not found the right key words
to home in on a solution. I would be happy with just a few product or
keyword names to help my search or an indication that I am barking up the
wrong tree!


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