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From Tom Donovan <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Authenticate users against a Microsoft SQL (odbc - freetds)
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2010 01:58:13 GMT
On 12/22/2010 9:38 AM, Nicolas Michel wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to setup an apache authentication using a user list (and
> password) that resides in a Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
> I read these docs :
> Facts :
> I have a Microsoft SQL Server 2000, installed and configured odbc on a
> Debian Lenny (so my DB is declared in /etc/odbc.ini and driver
> in /etc/odbcinst.ini)
> I get a working connection to the MSSQL in the linux shell with
> isql DSN user pass
> and I'm able to make selects on my DB.
> But I don't succeed to use it in apache. When specifying DBDriver odbc
> in my apache config file, starting apache log an error (the driver odbc
> is not found).
> I also tried to compile apache following these instructions :
> but it didn't work.
> Can you help me? Giving me some tips or tutos?
> Thank you very much,

The Debian-5 (Lenny) apache2 package is Apache-2.2.9 from back in 2008, which was before Apache
included the ODBC driver.

Your problem seems to be that the libaprutil1 package (Apache Portable Runtime Utilities)
by Debian-5 only contains built-in DBD drivers for PostgreSQL, SQLite3, and MySQL.  It cannot
DBD drivers dynamically from an .so file, so it can't load the ODBC driver.

You can rebuild libaprutil1 from the Debian source code to fix this.  You must add a definition
(-DAPR_DSO_BUILD=APR_HAS_DSO) which allows .so files to be loaded; then install the new .deb
to update libaprutil1 on your system. Make sure Apache is stopped when you do this and that
system is backed-up! You will need to watch for updates to the Debian-5 libaprutil1 package,
repeat these steps whenever libaprutil1 is updated.

The steps are:

sudo apt-get build-deps libaprutil1
CFLAGS=-DAPR_DSO_BUILD=APR_HAS_DSO apt-get -b source libaprutil1
sudo dpkg --install libaprutil1*.deb

Second, since Apache didn't contain an ODBC/DBD driver in version 2.2.9 - download odbc-dbd
GoogleCode and build it with these steps:

tar -xzf odbc-dbd-1.0.10.tar.gz
cd odbc-dbd-1.0.10
./configure --with-apr=/usr
sudo make install

Next, enable DBD and DBD authentication in Apache:

sudo a2enmod dbd
sudo a2enmod authn_dbd

Create a file: /etc/apache2/conf.d/authentication  (as root) which configures the DBD driver
specifies an SQL query to authenticate users for certain directories.  You will need to change
example to match your own datasource, the tables in your database, and the directories that
you want 
to protect:

<IfModule dbd_module>
    DBDriver "odbc"
    DBDParams "DATASOURCE=myDSN,USER=myDSNUsername,PASSWORD=myDSNPassword"

<IfModule authn_dbd_module>
    <Directory /var/www/secret>
      AuthType Basic
      AuthName "Restricted Files"
      AuthBasicProvider dbd
      Require valid-user
      AuthDBDUserPWQuery "SELECT myPasswordField from myUsersTable WHERE myUsernameField =

Now - restart Apache:

/etc/init.d/apache2 start

Note that you don't store clear text passwords in the database; you must store encrypted passwords.

For example: if user 'fred' has password 'flintstone' - your SQL query should not return
'flintstone'. It should return an encrypted string, like: '{SHA}6WLN5wU+7RIPkozRjljr0xvndUM='.

There is info about how to create these encrypted password strings at:

Also note that the SQL statement uses the standard ? for the username parameter.  Later versions
APR changed this - so you may need to change your SQL to use %s instead of ? when your system
updated to a later APR version.

I hope this helps,

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