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From "Ben Cooper" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Weak-etag not being handled correctly - bug found in source code
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 17:12:03 GMT
I've been investigating why weak eTags aren't being handled properly,
specifically why we always get a status 200 when we include a weak eTag,
and only get a status 304 when we delete the weak eTag and use the last
modified date instead, or make the eTag strong.  I've found the bug:
it's because the W tag is upper case, and Apache seems to assume all
headers are lower case.  However, I don't know where the best place is
to fix the bug, as discussed below.  


The bug is in the source code as follows:-


The response is evaluated in http_protocol in a function called
ap_meets_conditions(), as follows

http_protocol.c: v2.2.16, line 355

not_modified = ap_find_list_item(r->pool, if_nonematch, etag);


This line of code is executed for both strong and weak eTags for full
Get requests (ie not Range requests, which are caught by a previous
if-statement).  The call to ap_find_list_item is used to compare the
etag in the resource to the one in the request (held in a hash table
pointed to by the char *if_nonematch)


Ap_find_list_item exits in the util.c file.

util.c:  v2.2.16, line 1372

good = good && (*pos++ == apr_tolower(*ptr));


The for-loop surrounding this line of code walks through the characters
in the two strings, comparing them character-by-character.  It maintains
some state variables, such as in_qstr that tracks whether or not the
pointer is currently within a quote.  If it is within a quote, it
compares the two characters directly; if not within quotes, it executes
line 1372 that lower-cases *ptr value.  This assumes that the *pos value
is already lower case.  However, the weak eTag is defined by protocol as
beginning with the uppercase letter W, and it appears that uppercase W
is indeed what is stored in the hash table pointed to by if_nonematch
and pos.  


Testing this, my colleagues have created eTags with values such as 





We have found that provided the eTag is fully quoted, or preceded by a
lowercase w, httpd works as we would expect and returns a 304 to a
conditional Get.  However, if the eTag is preceded by an uppercase W, as
per the protocol, then httpd always returns 200.  It appears as if the
cache is not working, but that is not the problem - it is the comparison
of the W that is failing and causing the behaviour.


A targeted fix is to lowercase if_nonematch just prior to calling
ap_find_list_item().  Because if_nonematch is a pointer, this may have
an undesirable side-effect elsewhere in the code, so a "safer" approach
is first to copy the string into a local variable, then lowercase the W,
and then call ap_find_list_item().  However, I wonder if a more natural
home for the fix would be to make the W lowercase when the hash table is


Could someone who knows the code much better than me take up this issue,
decide the best location for a fix, and implement it?  

Many thanks,

Ben Cooper

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