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From Brendan M Wong <>
Subject [users@httpd] weird apache behavior
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2010 18:47:46 GMT
Hi all.  Our Apache (v2.0) is running on Windows Server 2003 and I'm running into some strange
behavior that I can't figure out.  I'm currently testing an Alias, and it only seems to work
up to a certain point.  In my httpd.conf, I've tested the following using the URL :

DocumentRoot "D:/MyStuff/webroot"

Alias /cfide/administrator "D:/" (goes to correct file located in D:/index.cfm)

Alias /cfide/administrator "D:/MyStuff" (goes to correct file located in D:/MyStuff/index.cfm)

Alias /cfide/administrator "D:/MyStuff/CFIDE" (goes to correct file located in D:/MyStuff/CFIDE/index.cfm)

Alias /cfide/administrator "D:/MyStuff/CFIDE/administrator" (goes to D:/MyStuff/webroot/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm???)

It never tried looking under DocumentRoot in my first 3 tests so why would it start now? 
Is there a bug that prevents mapping an alias to a physical directory with the same name?


Brendan Wong
Web Developer
Office of Graduate Studies

"Saving the world one pdf at a time"

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