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From gabriel vos <>
Subject [users@httpd] Trouble setting up second document root
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 07:10:50 GMT
I am running Amarok Web Front end.  On Ubuntu Mobline Remix I can have the music files located
in /home/user/Music, on my FC12 box that will not work.  The main difference between the
2 machiens is that on Ubuntu Apache2 is the service name and on FC12 httpd is the service
name for the web server.  httpd appears to have more lock downs on it than ubuntu.  

I can not get my FC12 box to use /home/user/Music as a location that apache can serve the
files from, but can on the Ubuntu box.  I created a folder and copied the Music director
located at /music and made apache owner and I can serve music from that but from the logged
in user, I can't see or edit the files in that folder.  

What do I need to change on my FC12 box to allow /home/user/Music to be read by apache, yet
still allow me to access the directory?

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