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From James Godrej <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] a chain of proxy servers
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 15:59:59 GMT
What ever you feel I don't care.As an end user I do not like the document.
Its not easy to understand.
For an example some one goes to high school to learn programming in C.

There rather than telling them how to write a Hello World program.
You give the child a document of 2000 pages 
which is containing references to system calls like
4) printf()
5) jiffy
6) O_WRITE etc etc 
and in front of each of the above  lines you describe what is the value of above 
5 example parameters.
int is used to declare an integer type
ioctl communicates with devices
KERNL_ALERT is used to give alert to kernel

I gave the above just as an example there are 2000 pages.

The poor child reads all those 2000 pages and when he asks the question how to 
write program 
Hello World 
he is slapped by a community of Open Souce experts.
Like you are just now crying.

I will suggest you delete all the documentation it is not needed.
There are a lot of Good guides etc etc type of non sense on internet in form of 
forums IRC's
and some Linux consultants who earn their bread and butter like that.
Leave that part to them.

I don't care if your documentation is not proper this community 
exist that itself is the greatest proof that even after reading docs people are 
unable to 
get their things working.

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