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From Stuart Kenworthy <>
Subject [users@httpd] Virtual Directory tree for ftp access
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2010 15:54:36 GMT
OS - Windows XP SP3

Apache httpd version - 2.2.14

Mod_ftp version - 0.9.7


I am currently running an apache http web server with the configuration
above and would like to implement the mod_ftp functionality within it. I
would like to know if there is any way to create a virtual directory tree to
represent folders accessible by the users that are outside that users
homedir or document root. A brief representation below













Ftpd.conf has the following alias entry


Alias /movies D:/media/video


At present the user logs into the server with


And sees a directory containing only "welcome.txt", this can be either
through a web interface or through a client like filezilla.


In order to see the video directory the user has to put in


Is there any way to create a virtual representation to the movies alias
within user1's home directory so using either a web interface or client they
would see this structure <> 






I currently user filezillas ftp server and wish to merge the ftp and http
functions together within apache. Filezilla has the capability to create
virtual directory trees and is the only thing I cannot figure out how to do
on apache's mod_ftp.



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