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From Bruno - e-comBR <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_php script 'queue'
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2010 13:19:28 GMT

While performing some tests, I saw that:

-When I run a PHP script with a infinite loop, the apache process(using
mod_prefork) still busy (php.ini timeouts disabled) 'forever' (the obvious
-When I run again the same script with the same URL, apache seems to
'enqueue' the second request, because no other process seems to be running.
-But if I send a SIGTERM to the apache process, it seems to begin processing
the second script, and stop the first.
-If I run the script using a different URL(just by changing the query
string), it seems to run both process parallely.

It's just the first step. I've done the same tests, but using mod_rewrite.
It's different: even with different URL, the process get 'queued'.

I just ask: is this the expected behaviour??

It's causing a little throuble for me. When a PHP script generates a bigger
report(taking about ten minutes or more), the user seems to be impatient.
They're doing refreshs on the page. So, for each refresh apache is queuing a
new script, and just begin running this when the queue is empty again.

What do you suggest me?

Thank you,
Bruno Moreira Guedes

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