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From Sachin Gopal <>
Subject [users@httpd] mem_cache issue.
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 06:56:50 GMT

The environment is  OS : CentOS 64 Bit , Apache 2.2.14, compile options :
--enable-proxy-balancer --enable-rewrite --enable-mods-shared=all
--enable-logio --enable-deflate --enable-ssl --enable-proxy
--enable-proxy-http --enable-modules=all --enable-cache --enable-disk-cache
--enable-mem-cache. This compiles  successfully .

  We did a virtualhost setup on the same . the actual site is on Zope and we
are using virtualhosting on apache and doing proxypass which works great .
we are using mod_cache and mod_mem_cache on the same hosted site to get the
proxy contents (like images/js/css) to be cached from a particular URL which
are actually on Zope hosted application.

<IfModule mod_mem_cache.c>
MCacheMaxObjectCount 13001
MCacheMaxObjectSize 6400000
MCacheMaxStreamingBuffer 65536
MCacheSize 700000
CacheEnable mem /views/jscript
CacheEnable mem /views/styles
CacheEnable mem /views/Images
CacheEnable mem /images

The intension here is to cache the javascript , Images , CSS , which is not
working .Do we need to change on apache configuration to achive mem_cache
working with proxypass. We used ab to test this. Can anybody point out what
we are missing here.

--Sachin Gopalkrishnan

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