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From "Malka Cymbalista" <>
Subject [users@httpd] password protecting a file that has parameters
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 13:14:50 GMT
We are running apache 2.2.6 on  a Linux maxchine. 
We have the following code in our httpd.conf file
<Directory /usr/local/indico/MaKaC>
 <FilesMatch  "">
    AuthUserFile /WWW/httpd/conf/.htpasswd
    AuthName "HP2010 Web Site"
    AuthType Basic
    <Limit GET>
    require user organizer
</Directory >
Every time someone goes to
the person is indeed asked for a user name and password.  However,
really takes parameters e.g.
and what I really want to do is require a password only for certain parameter values. So would require a user
and password but not require
a user and password.
When I tried adding ?confid=3 to the <FilesMatch> directive, it did not work.  
Is there any way to do this?
thanks for any information.

Malka Cymbalista
Webmaster, Weizmann Institute of Science 

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