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From Brent Davidson <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] apache on windows
Date Sat, 13 Mar 2010 17:05:40 GMT
On 03/12/10 15:59, Brent Davidson wrote:
> Can anyone out there tell me if is workable or not to install
> Apache(most current version) on a Windows Web server? I am trying to
> pick up the pieces of a not-so-clean website installation.

It is workable to install Apache on Windows, but if you have any
experience with Linux, I would strongly recommend not to use Windows as
a web server just from a security minded point of view. Linux is much
easier to tighten down (if you're familiar with it, otherwise you'll
spend more time reading man pages than getting the server up).

That being said, I have run an Internet facing web server (granted it
was for a personal web site and wasn't heavily trafficked) from Windows.
The install was painless, the setup was easy, and the management was
exquisitely simple. Granted I didn't have PHP and MySQL to deal with as
Yours In Christ,

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Thanks for the input.
The company bought the box with Windows webserver, so that is what I have to work
 next personal project is to install some version of Linux on my own system so I can learn
it. At this point, I have never even been on a Linux system, with the exception of doing some
website mods on a hosted site. Should be an interesting
 again, and keep the

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