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From "Daniel Reinhardt" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Building Apache 2.2 without IPv6
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 08:30:45 GMT
From: "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Sent: 04 December, 2009 7:03
To: <>
Subject: Re: [users@httpd] Building Apache 2.2 without IPv6

> Zachary Uram wrote:
>> Krist I prefer IPv4 addressing. I can remember but I can't
>> remember some insane IPv6 hexadecimal address! lol. And I love my
>> commands such as ping, traceroute, dig, host, nslookup etc.
> This has nothing to do with why to enable IPv6 in APR.

Actually it has everything to do with it.  IPv6 is useless to me on a small 
HOME LAN of 5 computers.  It should be disabled by default, and an allowable 
option by those who wish to use IPv6.  It shouldn't be forced down peoples 
throats.  Its like how Linux/Unix Distribution Creaters forcing IPv6 in a 
kernel when someone may not have a need for it or find it useless.  They 
should instead build their distributions with IPv4 enabled by default, and 
include a IPv6 enabled Kernel for those who want to use it.  As such so 
should software developers, they should create their software and distribute 
it with default settings enabled, such as ipv6 being disabled unless wanted 
by the end-user.  Those who desire IPv6 functionality should be the only 
ones wanting to compile their software and kernels with such goals in mind.

> Look, the IPv6 API is far superior to the standard posix IPv4 functions.
> IGNORE the danged IPv6 addresses, that isn't the point!!!

It maybe "far superior" in your needs, but for me it isn't.

> To make Apache httpd speak only IPv4 is trivial.  Replace
>  Listen 80
> with a sensible
>  Listen
> which tells httpd to listen only on IPv4 adapters, all of them, on their
> respective port 80's.  And unless you tell it otherwise, it WON'T attempt
> to listen on any IPv6 adapters.

I tried the above with no avail, and infact Apache failed to listen on IPv4 
port 80 as one would hope.   It still showed up as listening on the IPv6 
interface via netstat -anp | grep 80.  With no mention of in 
> And if IPv6 confuses you, PLEASE take a minute to look at :: syntax :)

If the reasoning behind me wanting to disable IPv6 on my network and on my 
system's confuse you, then please take your leave.  I came here for help 
regarding IPv6 and how to disable it in my environment.  I didn't want 
testimonials of why it is great, and why I should be converted.  I do not 
like not so well adopted protocols being enabled by default on my systems of 
which I control.

My issue has been solved with due diligence, and due process on my part 
getting help from this mailing lists.

Thank you,

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