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From Craig Riecke <>
Subject [users@httpd] In Reverse Proxy + Error Document, How Do You Get The Original Request?
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 21:38:03 GMT
I have Apache 2.2 set up as a reverse proxy, forwarding POST'ed packets to an internal server,
getting the response, and sending it back.  Everything works fine when no errors occur.  To
handle HTTP 500 error codes, I have configured ProxyErrorOverride to replace the internal
server's page with our own custom error.  A Perl CGI script does that.  And it works mostly

But it looks like I have no access to the original packet.  I'd like to log that request and
send alerts.  I have a lot of info available for the original packet: for example $ENV{'Content-Length'}
returns the size of it.  But when I try to read STDIN  to get the actual content sent by the
POST, like a regular ErrorDocument could do for locally-served CGI, I get nothing .

Any way around this?

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