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From Simone Roselli <>
Subject [users@httpd] Different vhosts using mod_ruid
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 17:53:19 GMT

i've tried to set up a configuration with mod_ruid. I didn't find so
many documents about it in the whole web.

My predictable goal  would be to set different apache UID running for
different apache children.

I've done follow steps on an ubuntu karmik:

 - download and install module as described here:

- create file /etc/apache2/mod-availables/ruid.load which content is:

LoadModule ruid_module   /usr/lib/apache2/modules/

- create file /etc/apache2/mod-availables/ruid.conf which content is:
User              www-data
Group            www-data
RMode          stat
RGroups       www-data

- typed "a2enmod ruid" loading changes properly.

I've configured virtual host as follow:
  DocumentRoot   /home/user/public_html
  RMode              config
  RUidGid            user user

Now, if i run "ps aux |grep apache" i can see apache running as "www-data"
instead "user". But if i put:

User         user
Group       user
in ruid.conf, apache running as "user".
This apparently means config file cannot overwrites settings.
can i setup more vhosts in this way?

Does anyone has been more lucky running mod_ruid?


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