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From "Stephen Love" <>
Subject [users@httpd]
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2009 13:19:45 GMT
I have set up a routine in my server that logs all incoming IP addresses and parses for duplicates
in the same list. HOWEVER...a person posting almost NEVER has the same address. I believe
I am not using the actual IP Address at all. What I WANT is the actual SERIAL NUMBER (If you
could call it that!) of the HARDWARE (Network Adapter) actually sending the message, or its
REPLY TO address... the address it is COMMUNICATING FROM in order to actually send the message.
I am SURE if it is to establish a 2-way link to send and confirm  the message, the receiving
end HAS that info, buried deep within what it receives. HOW can I get that, so that the route
steps inbetween do not matter?

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