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From Ro Achterberg>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] suexec binary installs in wrong path
Date Sat, 31 Oct 2009 13:11:39 GMT
At 12:40 31-10-2009, Ro Achterberg wrote:
>I'm in the midst of building my chrooted Apache 2.2.14 + suexec + 
>mod_fastcgi + PHP installation, but the httpd --with-suexec-bin 
>configure directive doesn't seem to be working properly. Instead of 
>installing to /chroot/apache2/usr/sbin/suexec, where I want it to 
>live, it in fact installs to /chroot/apache2/bin/suexec.
>I've tried debugging this by looking through the config logs and 
>checking the hardcoded values in the httpd binary (which are right), 
>but nothing relevant is showing up. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
>Bye, Ro

Here's a little update. I've managed to sort it out, it seemed that 
the '--sbindir' directive was set to 'bin' for some reason, where I 
(obviously?) expected it to be /usr/sbin, primarily because the 
default path to the suexec bin is /usr/sbin/suexec, according to the 
documentation at 


Anyway, things are running smoothly again and you may ignore my previous post.

Bye, Ro 
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