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From "Richard Peacock" <>
Subject [users@httpd]
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2009 16:31:00 GMT
I have a requirement to create a new feature to our portal, I also
apologise if this is not the best place to ask but I have to start


A user will request a piece of documentation from the webserver (which
is customised to their company), these documents are not web-facing so
what happens now is 

** The customer logs into the portal using a simple username and
password which is stored in a MySQL DB somewhere.  This provides him or
her, a list of their documents so they can choose which ones they want.
This list is then "checked out" (although there is no cost, it's a
simple summary of docs to ensure they've requested the right ones)

** The customer gets a confirmation email stating the documents will be
with them in x working days.

** We get an email with a request "Company ABC needs Documents 123, 456,
789 ..." and so on. 

** Our team then package them up (zip) and send them to the customer by


We want some element of control of which they download, so simply making
the documents web-facing isn't really an option; we need to know what
documents they have requested and rather then interrogate the apache
logs to see their activity, prefer this current "basket" method.


The requirement is to automate this procedure to a degree - some
documents are very large (200mb) and so can't be emailed all that well;
currently, we're ripping to a CD or USB pen and sending in secure mail
(actual post office mail).


I would like to give some intelligence to the portal and have the
process more automated something like this:-


** Customer creates a "basket" of documents they need

** In their confirmation email, they are given a download link which is
only valid for x days (for the large files, we can create say 15mb ZIP
or RAR files manually)

** The link will take them to a folder which only they can access which
contains the files.


Please, if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them - again, I am
sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but it's a LAMP setup so
figured you guys may be able to offer some ideas/suggestions to how this
would be achieved or at least, links to the right direction!!


MANY thanks and have a great weekend all!


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