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From "Richard Peacock" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Re: backup & restore apache & mysql
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 11:42:20 GMT

I just wanted to provide an update to the list of my implemented backup
procedure (it may help with other people in the same position!)

1.	Apache - rsync the file httpd.conf and the conf.d folder over to
another machine which is configured with the same Apache version (2.2
IIRC) - it acts as a "mirror" to the main server now (for want of a
better description).

2. MySQL - Currently looking at Zmanda on a virtual machine and not
having much luck (although a small disaster with an un-related LVM issue
this weekend took priority!).  For now, a simple EXPORT from the WebGUI
to a plain SQL file which can be imported in at will to the "mirror"
will have to suffice.

In the event of the main webserver failing, the rsync will be no more
than 1 hour old and the MySQL no more than 1 day old - all I need to do
is change my firewall's port forwarding to the IP address of the
failover machine (I can't change the Ip on the machine because there are
other services running on it (samba)).  Yes, I know, I should get DNS
working so I can change the IP at will but I can't be bothered, ok ;) I
have two kids and a demanding wife who insists I spend time with her
instead of the computers lol!!

Anyway, Sheryl, your help is very much appreciated and your suggestions
very good.

Have a nice day everyone!

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From: Sheryl [] 
Sent: 07 August 2009 16:30
Subject: RE: [users@httpd] Re: backup & restore apache & mysql

> Sheryl
> Many thanks for the comprehensive reply and information; I'll look at
> zmanda now (I have looked at using the Amanda backup stuff once
> and thought it was very good).
> Would making a copy of the httpd.conf and conf.d folders be sufficient
> for a good easily "restorable" Apache backup?
> Rich


Any time.  And yes, I've heard very good things about amanda
(now zmanda) although I've never used the main backup package
on the job.

Apache is going to be considerably more forgiving than mysql.
As long as you don't change minor numbers (like 2.0 to 2.2) the
httpd.conf should work on any hardware/OS you restore to as should
the html.  However, you need to make sure you get all of the bits
and pieces.  Better to back up too much than too little.  And I also
like to put configuration files under version control in subversion
as well as back them up.

In the past at our site, we had apache, php and mysql software
installed in /opt, supporting small programs in /usr/local,
perl modules in /usr/lib/perl5, cron jobs in /var/spool/cron,
etc and sometimes had to scramble to reassemble them on a recovery
machine.  More recently we have been taking the hit on disk space and
including everything the site needs in one tree.  If we have a
disaster we restore the whole tree to a clean install.  If we need a
development version we restore the whole tree to a clean install and
change a few lines in httpd.conf to get it to come up under the new
name/IP.  Of course we already compiled our own apache and php
rather than using RPMs and we have a  mysql support contract so we
had to use binaries  instead of what came with RedHat
(and wanted to use more current copies anyway).



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