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From Julien Pauli <>
Subject [users@httpd] ForceLanguagePriority not giving 300 response
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2009 20:56:56 GMT
Hi httpd users :)

The documentation says :

> *ForceLanguagePriority Prefer uses LanguagePriority to serve a one valid
> result, rather than returning an HTTP result 300 (MULTIPLE CHOICES) when
> there are several equally valid choices. If the directives below were given,
> and the user's Accept-Language header assigned en and de each as quality
> .500 (equally acceptable) then the first matching variant, en, will be
> served.
> LanguagePriority en fr de
> ForceLanguagePriority Prefer*

So if I *do* want a 300 response, I need to put ForceLanguagePriority None
(following the documentation syntax).

Anyway, doing this with a request like:

> *GET /multiplechoices HTTP/1.1
> Host: myhost
> Accept-Language: en,de;q=0.8*

 gives me a 200 OK with "*Content-Location: multiplechoices.en.html*".
(assuming multiplechoices.en.html and both present)

This lets me think that Apache gives preference to the first occurence of
language in the Accept-Language header (assuming the same q value) rather
than answering me with a 300 Multiple Choices.

Am I missing something ?


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