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From Atanu <>
Subject [users@httpd] sharing data between two different apache modules
Date Tue, 26 May 2009 21:37:22 GMT
Hey folks,
I need the assistance from you on a problem with mod_perl and mod_proxy.
Please help.

This is what I am trying or aiming to do.

I have an Apache 2.0 server running mod_proxy with reverse proxy. So all the
request from gets proxied to So far so
good and this was a piece of cake. I want to now try out something else.

- The user will still type This time a mod_proxy handler
will display a login page. In fact this my own authentication handler
written in mod_perl. It authenticates using a back end system by accepting
username and password from the login page.

- If authentication is NOT successful, it displays the login page again.

- But if the authentication is successful a session cookie is created.

- The mod_perl login handler job should end there.

I want the mod_proxy to ProxyPass to the url in the following format

if the authentication is a success and for all subsequent request should
retain the session as I do not want to show the login page to the the user

How should I approach the problem especially reading data from the mod_perl
authentication handler and passing it as a query parameter for the proxy

Anticipating a "hint" solution from anybody!!

Thanks a lot,

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