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From Stephen Goldschmidt <>
Subject [users@httpd] SSl Redirect
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 13:04:20 GMT

I am using apache and have a Virtualhost enabled with ssl and this works great, using a godaddy
ssl cert.

my question is the certificate is only assigned to one domain name.

so in my browser if i go to or the ssl certificate works with no

i am having an issue with having and redirect to
over port 443. Since apache does not support NamedVirthual Hosts over port 443 how can i create
a virtual host using the name and alias of and using port 443
and redirect to vhost

if i try to add a second vhost using the same ip and port apache does not like it but i don't
want to use another routeable ip to get this to work.

i want is for domain x to have the signed cert and have domain y and z redirct on the apache
side to domain x. domain y and z will not have separate content

my problem is when i create another <virtualhost> for domain y and
z, since domain x already has <virtualhost> upon restart of apache
i get an error stating that domain already is assigned, and that i should
try the <named virtual host *:443> directive. but since apache does not support <named
virtual host> over ssl port 443 i don't know how to set up domain y and z to redirect to
domain x.

can i add the redirect of y and z domain inside of the <virtualhost> for x domain? i
tried it by addind redirect / and the site just sits in a loop and does
not open. am i missing something or does this redirect have to be tagged otherway first?

Can this be done? or can i add these redirect in the original ssl enabled vhost?

or has anyone had success with mod_gnutls? if so how do you set this up with ubuntu 8.10?




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