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From Viaduct Productions <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] LocationMatch inside VirtualHost? [solved: bug]
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 11:29:36 GMT

On 14-Apr-09, at 7:00 AM, Tom Evans wrote:

> I'm slightly confused, as the thread title says 'LocationMatch inside
> VirtualHost', which doesn't seem related?

When I inserted the LocationMatch inside the VirtualHost directive, I  
was getting errors as reported.

>> Observation (again, making it dead simple for you):
>> 1.  no virtualhosts
>  (incorrect assumption, that is not what apache said)

Wow.  And this is why I rarely post any information, because then it  
becomes a debate.  So I will repost:

[Tue Apr 14 06:05:15 2009] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no  

>> 2.  13 virtualhosts
>  (correct)
>> 3.  Syntax OK
>  (correct)
>> So 0 == 13.  Also, 0 == 13 is "OK".
>  The syntax is correct, but the semantics are slightly incorrect,  
> hence
> the error message.
>> Conclusion:  Problems  Most developers, have limited patience with
>> misleading software.  From Wikipedia:
> I'm inferring that the problem is:
> You have vhosts, you get the error message 'NameVirtualHost *:80 has  
> no
> VirtualHosts', and you don't understand why? I'll step you through  
> it..

Wonderful.  I'll assume this isn't in the docs.

> 1) Name based vhosts are 'named' by the socket they come in on.
> 2) The names are specified by NameVirtualHost <name>.

OK, so this is where the docs do not indicate any of this.

> 3) The name must specify an interface/socket to react to, eg '*' or
> '*:80' or ''.

See, when I put in my internal IP, more errors came up with respect to  
apachectl configtest.

> 4) A particular vhost uses a named socket to react to by specifying  
> the
> name in the '<VirtualHost name>' directive, eg '<VirtualHost *>' or
> '<VirtualHost *:80>'.
> 5) Apache looks at all the NameVirtualHost directives, and then  
> looks at
> all the VirtualHost directives, comparing the names.
> 6) If there are any names specified with 'NameVirtualHost foo', that  
> do
> not have a corresponding '<VirtualHost foo>', then apache will warn
> 'NameVirtualHost foo has no VirtualHosts'.
> Since you haven't provided your httpd.conf, I couldn't tell you any  
> more
> what is wrong, but for sure the PEBKAC.

Actually, no.  No modifications to httpd.conf, as I instructed earlier  
on in the thread.  And the feedback suggests something different, as  

I don't know what it is about open source people.  Documentation and  
service applications like configtest should provide a complete set of  
information so that people don't go astray in their thinking.  So no,  
it isn't PEBKAC, or whatever the cute little acronym is.  Things like  
these are used so often that you assign it to people that have no  
clue, as it happens so often, but under no circumstance does it ever  
indicate that perhaps the whole package is short of making sense to as  
many people.  Take the frequency in which stuff like this crops up, to  
suggest that more can be done to explain the application and how it  
works.  It's actually quite a simple item, and it would alleviate  
single postings like this to rectify confusion amongst users that get  
their information from remedial documentation and feedback from  
console commands.

In any case, thank you for the notes.  It's the explanation like this  
which I think should be up front.  I think it's a shame that this will  
get somewhat buried.

Rich in Toronto go get on your bike

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