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From Arthur Mead <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_proxy_html.c: error: initializer element is not constant
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2009 21:23:12 GMT
Aim:  To compile mod_proxy_html.c in order to run Apache 2.0 under 
Windows XP as a proxy server to/from the web.
Compiler: MinGW Windows Compiler using GNU gcc-3.4.5

The compiler delivers error messages only concerned with the following 
function and only those array members marked /* ERROR*/.  (The comment 
is of course inserted here to identify the error element and is not 
present in the C file.)

static const command_rec proxy_html_cmds[] = {
 AP_INIT_ITERATE("ProxyHTMLStartParse", set_skipto, NULL,
   "Ignore anything in front of the first of these elements"),
 AP_INIT_ITERATE("ProxyHTMLEvents", set_events, NULL,
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Strings to be treated as scripting events"),
 AP_INIT_ITERATE2("ProxyHTMLLinks", set_links, NULL,
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Declare HTML Attributes"),
 AP_INIT_RAW_ARGS("ProxyHTMLURLMap", set_urlmap, NULL,
 AP_INIT_TAKE12("ProxyHTMLDoctype", set_doctype, NULL,
 AP_INIT_ITERATE("ProxyHTMLFixups", set_flags, NULL,
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Options are lowercase, dospath" ) ,
 AP_INIT_FLAG("ProxyHTMLMeta", ap_set_flag_slot,                        
              /* ERROR*/
   (void*)APR_OFFSETOF(proxy_html_conf, metafix),
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Fix META http-equiv elements" ) ,
 AP_INIT_FLAG("ProxyHTMLInterp", ap_set_flag_slot,                     
                /* ERROR*/
   (void*)APR_OFFSETOF(proxy_html_conf, interp),
   "Support interpolation and conditions in URLMaps" ) ,
 AP_INIT_FLAG("ProxyHTMLExtended", ap_set_flag_slot,                    
            /* ERROR*/
   (void*)APR_OFFSETOF(proxy_html_conf, extfix),
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Map URLs in Javascript and CSS" ) ,
 AP_INIT_FLAG("ProxyHTMLStripComments", ap_set_flag_slot,              
         /* ERROR*/
   (void*)APR_OFFSETOF(proxy_html_conf, strip_comments),
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Strip out comments" ) ,
#ifndef GO_FASTER
 AP_INIT_FLAG("ProxyHTMLLogVerbose", ap_set_flag_slot,                
           /* ERROR*/
   (void*)APR_OFFSETOF(proxy_html_conf, verbose),
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Verbose Logging (use with LogLevel Info)" ) ,
 AP_INIT_TAKE1("ProxyHTMLBufSize", ap_set_int_slot,                     
             /* ERROR*/
   (void*)APR_OFFSETOF(proxy_html_conf, bufsz),
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Buffer size" ) ,
 AP_INIT_ITERATE2("ProxyHTMLCharsetAlias", set_charset_alias, NULL,      
/* ERROR*/
   RSRC_CONF, "ProxyHTMLCharsetAlias charset alias [more aliases]" ) ,
 AP_INIT_TAKE1("ProxyHTMLCharsetDefault", set_charset_default, NULL,     
/* ERROR*/
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Usage: ProxyHTMLCharsetDefault charset" ) ,
 AP_INIT_TAKE1("ProxyHTMLCharsetOut", ap_set_string_slot,               
          /* ERROR*/
   (void*)APR_OFFSETOF(proxy_html_conf, charset_out),
   RSRC_CONF|ACCESS_CONF, "Usage: ProxyHTMLCharsetOut charset" ) ,
 { NULL }
} ;

The directives in the above array are declared in this form (only one is 
shown, the others are similar).
# define AP_INIT_FLAG(directive, func, mconfig, where, help) \
   {directive, { .flag=func }, mconfig, where, FLAG, help}

The error messages are all of the following form:    
(/directory/directory/file.c : line number : error: error text).
For clarity only the messages relating to the first element in error is 
shown, with its (presumably) cascaded errors.

/mingw/httpd-2.2.11/mod_proxy_html.c:1471: error: initializer element is 
not constant
/mingw/httpd-2.2.11/mod_proxy_html.c:1471: error: (near initialization 
for `proxy_html_cmds[6].func.flag')
/mingw/httpd-2.2.11/mod_proxy_html.c:1471: error: initializer element is 
not constant
/mingw/httpd-2.2.11/mod_proxy_html.c:1471: error: (near initialization 
for `proxy_html_cmds[6].func')
/mingw/httpd-2.2.11/mod_proxy_html.c:1471: error: initializer element is 
not constant
/mingw/httpd-2.2.11/mod_proxy_html.c:1471: error: (near initialization 
for `proxy_html_cmds[6]')

Typically, the values of the initializer elements are set in a separate 
Apache configuration file.   The inference is, therefore, that the func 
element  of the directive cannot be a constant at compile time and 
contravenes the C rules (but not C++?).

However, the above code structure is replicated in the main server code 
and, since my downloaded Apache main server binary works ok (I didn't 
compile it), there must be a work-around or the MinGW compiler is the 

I have seen references to an archived similar problem with cygwin but no 
clues to a solution.   Has anybody met this and, if so, can you give any 
pointers to a solution?     I would be very grateful for any help.

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