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From "J. Greenlees" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Virtual Host Performance Oddity
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2008 11:37:40 GMT
André Warnier wrote:
> J. Greenlees wrote:
>> ~snip~
> Hi.
> If it wasn't for the error message in the log, I would tell you to
> first look at your DNS configuration, and check how that hostname
> "" is being resolved. If you have two DNS servers
> configured, and the first one for some reason is not answering, then
> your local resolver will first wait for an answer from the first one,
> time out, then try the second one.  That could be your delay.

It was, but now the additional vhosts are finding to the default.

> Second, remember that the first Vhost is the default Vhost.  That
> means that when any request somehow arrives to your server, if the
> server cannot match the "Host:" header in the request, with one of
> your VHost "ServerName" lines, it will process the request using the
> first defined VHost, no matter what its own "ServerName" line says.
Yup, I know.

> But then there is the error log.
> Because the message occurs in the log of the default VHost, it seems
> to indicate that the request did not match the ServerName of your
> third VHost, and was thus processed by the default host.
> Which is strange on the face of it.
> But the error message also indicates some kind of loop.  As if the
> request did arrive and was first processed by the 3rd VHost, which
> re-directed it to the same IP, but with a wrong "Host:" header, which
> caused the redirected request to be handled by the default VHost,
> which itself re-directed it and so on.
> Do you by any chance, in these VHosts, have .htaccess files in the
> DocumentRoot that would do some kind of re-direct ?
> Or is there some part of the configuration that you are not showing us ?
Nope, that is the entire vhost configuration section.

but just in case I'm missing a conflict somewhere, attached is the

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