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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: too long
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2008 19:34:07 GMT
Dan Poirier wrote:

.. and he is right.
It really looks like a DNS problem, *on Dzilberte's workstation side*.
I connected to the site and submitted the contact form.  The response is 
immediate (less than 1 second).

For Dzilberte :
I also do not know how much you know about how HTTP works, so I will 
assume you do not know too much and describe it roughly.

When your browser is asked to "get" the URL 
it really does this :

1) it tries to "translate" the hostname "" into an IP 
address.  For that, the browser asks the local operating system 
(Windows) to do the translation.
2) the local operating system first looks in the local "hosts" file, to 
see if there is translation of "" into an IP address.
If there is one, the operating system returns the IP address to the 
browser, and you can skip to 5).
3) if there is not translation in the local hosts file (probably), then 
the operating system asks the DNS servers.
The DNS servers are the ones configured in your network connection setup.
Usually there is more than one.  If the first one does not answer, after 
a minute or so the operating system tries the next one, etc..
That is probably what is happening in your case.
3a) If the DNS servers cannot in the end find an IP address for 
"", then they tell the browser, and the browser tells the 
user "this site cannot be found".
4) Assuming one of the DNS servers answers in the end, the operating 
system returns the IP address to the browser.
5) Now the browser connects to that IP address, and sends the request
"GET(*) /contact-form.php"
(*) or POST

In my case, the mechanism above works fine, and my browser quickly send 
the request to the server, and the server answers quickly.

Evidently in your case, somewhere between 3) and 4) above, something is 
not working correctly.
In other words, it probably has nothing to do with your webserver, but 
is probably a local problem of the DNS setup of your workstation.

Confirm this as follows :
- open a "command window"
- enter : nslookup
and see how long it takes.

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