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From Dayne Jordan <>
Subject Odd errors to Firefox2, IE6/7, Chrome w/Apache+SSL-1.3.41/1.59
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2008 19:27:58 GMT
Recently installed FreeBSD-7.1 with the www/apache13-ssl/ port
which contains Apache 1.3.41 + 1.59 SSL. Website(s) previously
on Apache-1.3.37 + 1.57 SSL FreeBSD-6.4 machine, PHP 5.2.8.

We're seeing very strange random browser oddities when doing
POSTs via SSL, resulting in either a blank page or with IE 6/7
saying the generic, 'could not find server' messages. Firefox2
tosses a -12229 error. GETs appear to work fine.

Move the data back to the original machine using Apache-1.3.37 + 1.57
SSL and all is well. PHP versions are the same between the two machines.

I found references regarding an issue which I believe is the same here:
however no resolution has been posted. I see responses mentioning
libapreq, but am not sure if they are related.

I have many debug logs and can post/link if necessary.

Thanks in Advance.


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