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From Ryan Fox <>
Subject Re: Implementing SSL with name based vhost
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 15:05:30 GMT
Eric Covener wrote:
> Those aren't name-based yet.  If you had two on the same port, they'd
> have to share a single certificate and all their SSL settings.  So you
> could say it's vacuously possible.

I'm doing name based vhosts with SSL by using a wildcard certificate for 
*  All my vhosts are subdomains of, so it works 
for me.  The ssl cert is sent before the browser requests a particular 
server name, but since my cert is valid for all of the server names, it 

Speaking of which, it's reminded me I wanted to post about mod_proxy 
balancer-manager not displaying these ssl named based vhosts.  I imagine 
it's not expecting this config, and isn't parsing it properly.  Any 
assistance from those folks is appreciated.


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