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From Morgan Gangwere <>
Subject Re: Help
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 06:06:56 GMT
James Taylor-Bye wrote:
> Hi and many thanks for your prompt reply.  I believe in trying to be as
> polite as possible when it comes to asking for help from strangers.  Anyway
> on with my problem.......
> You are absolutely correct in your assumptions, so far.  A bit more detail
> on my problem.  I can install the programme properly, it's just when it asks
> for a server and domain name whilst installing it that I fall flat on my
> face.  I have entered something to try and point it to my own created file
> on my pc yet it won't have it.  So i have put in anything and tried to
> change the config file to reflect this.  Obviously I haven't got a server or
> domain at the moment.  I just want to use the programme to teach myself a
> new programming language that hopefully i will be using at some point in the
> future.

Localhost is a perfectly valid thing to use in this case. Dont worry so 
much about it. If you'd like i can suggest EasyPHP as a wonderful 
prepackaged Apache/PHP/MySQL setup. Its what i use on all my windows 
machines so far.

Morgan Gangwere

Unknown Software
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