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From Morgan Gangwere <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to build apache http server as a in-process module?
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 17:08:43 GMT
Leo Li wrote:
> Hi, all
>      I would like to adopt apache http server in my project. But it is 
> necessary for the http server to be an in-process module to be plugged 
> in the current system. That is, I would make a little modification to 
> the make file and build the httpd as a dll/so and export the main method 
> for other modules to reference. But would it lead to some side-effect?
> Thank you in advance.
> -- 
> Good luck!
> Leo Li

Short answer: its not possible
Long Answer: Its not possible because apache was designed as a 
stand-alone HTTPd.

Simple solution: write a way for your app to talk to Apache. I.e. write 
a Module that mubmles between your app and apache when it gets a request 
of some kind that it likes.

Past that, why would you want to do what you're talking about?

Morgan Gangwere

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