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From Morgan Gangwere <>
Subject Re: Apache2 shows path of docroot in the address bar
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 17:06:31 GMT
Conte Szandor wrote:

> no is a fake domain because httpd works on a lan ;-) and respond 
> on a internal ip 

What it sounds like to me is that you need to have a DNS record on the 
inside (or at least an entry in your HOSTS file) that says that x.x.x.x 
is -- the only way a browser knows where something lives is 
via DNS (and the hosts file)

on *nix its /etc/hosts on windows its 
c:\windows\system32\drivers\net\etc\hosts (or some such nonsense)

For Example, i have 2 sites, both via DynDNS that i associate via my IP. 
I can go to one and get one site. I go to another and get a different 
site. This is because Apache sees that i'm doing a request for "foo" not 
"bar" dot whatever dot

I'd try the netcat trick -- see what comes up.

also, define "Shows Path Of DocRoot in Address Bar" so i know i'm 
barking up the right tree

Morgan Gangwere

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