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From <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Javascript freeze up Apache on Windows
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2008 07:37:34 GMT
> There is no extra AV,firewall, just the Windows firewall. Even if it's one
> of these things, it shouldn't freeze up the whole process.

Can you get a backtrace?
  I don't know what you mean by backtrace. I tried traceroute back to client and it completed
without problem.This problem is specific to IE. Firefox has no problem. I tried to put other
images in that Javascript code and come out with the same result. I tried to remove QoS and
other Microsoft network service/client thing but still the same.
  > I already tried
> Win32DisableAcceptEX. It helps but Apache become bloated and unstable. If I
> hit F5 (refresh) fast enough, I can make its memory go up 10-20MB/s. By the
> way, that MaxMemFree thing doesn't work.

Once or for every request?
MaxMemFree only applies to pool memory, so maybe the allocation isn't
in a pool. Are you using any additional modules?
  I meant I hit F5 continuously like 5 times/sec and the memory will go up at that rate. If
I hit it slower like once per second, the memory will go up too but at slower rate. That page
I tried was from Tomcat though. So the leak might be in mod_jk. The leak is higher with Win32DisableAcceptEX.

> I still ask the ASF people, if possible,
> please give us more worker process in mpm_winnt.

Why would that help here?
  Another thing I just notice is the delay image loading also occur in direct access to Tomcat
but it never lock up Tomcat. For Apache, the delay is a little longer (than Tomcat) and the
server is not processing new request. I tried telnet in. Apache accept my connection. I typed
in  "get /" and it stuck there until image loading is finish.
  So I think if we have extra worker process, it might pick up and serve the request while
the first one blocked. It's just my imagination though. I don't know the way requests are
distributed to workers and 20 seconds (blocked time) is a long time too.

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