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From Paul Doubek <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] httpd 2.2.8 not responding to client requests
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 21:02:17 GMT
Morgan, thanks for the quick reply... see below:

Morgan Gangwere wrote:
> Paul Doubek wrote:
>> -Don't have DNS running for local addresses. I'm trying to access the 
>> Fedora web service by IP address rather than host name.
>> -Can ping Fedora from both SuSE and WinXP.
>> -Telnet from either box to Fedora's port 80 fails (SuSE: "No route to 
>> host", WinXP: Connect failed"), but telnet to Fedora's port 22 succeeds.
> Try pinging. No Route To Host means that there's proabably a layer 1 or 
> 3 problem...

As you can see above... I can ping to the Fedora box from the SuSE and 
WinXP boxes fine, in fact I can ping either SuSE or WinXP from Fedora as 
well. I can also telnet from SuSE and WinXP to Fedora port 22 (SSH) but 
I can't telnet to port 80. I can telnet from Fedora to SuSE port 22.

I've tried adding each of the machines to the other machines' hosts 
files. That allows me to access ping each of the other machines by name, 
but doesn't fix the http problem.

>> -All the machines are on the same segment/same network (192.168.1), 
>> but Fedora and WinXP use the SuSE IP for the default gateway.
>> -Observed network traffic on the Fedora box while pinging and trying 
>> to telnet/http access the box and I can see the traffic bump up, so I 
>> don't think I'm getting blocked by the firewall.
> Could be your physical network or the layer 3 routing again.
>> -Set the error logging to Debug in httpd.conf.
>> -See no indication of a problem in the httpd/error_log or 
>> access_log... there don't appear to be any entries that correspond to 
>> my attempts to access the server remotely.
> Apache logs //everything// ttbomk.

I've looked in all the log files in /var/log/httpd. The only time I see 
any activity in those log files is if I access the Fedora web server 
from the Fedora machine (locally). It acts as if Apache is never seeing 
the traffic from the other two machines, but it appears to me that the 
OS is seeing the requests. That's what let me to look for (and find) the 
Fedora firewall running.

>> -Disabled the Fedora firewall as it was enabled when the build was 
>> complete.
>> -Have changed /var/www/html and all it's contents to be owned by 
>> user/group apache/apache, all have 755 permissions.

> Try going from the Fedora box to the SuSE box. If that works, routing is 
> working one way. Make sure everything is in place and you //may// just 
> find your problem.

I will work that direction a little more. I actually hoped that in the 
act of trying to describe the problem the solution would come to me, as 
seems to happen quite often. I agree... it behaves like a routing 
problem except I can ping and TN both directions... so it seems like 
it's got to be a Transport or Session layer thing. I've been looking for 
some clue that would indicate either httpd or the OS is trapping or 
rejecting the packets but I'm striking out.

I appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

Paul Doubek

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