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From "Mark Feller" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Point me in the right direction
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2008 17:47:35 GMT
On a given web page, if I look at the source on the server, I see tags
such as <A0>,<93>,<94>, etc., that I guess are extensions, etc. that
are added beyond the simple HTML tags that I used to hand-code simple
websites many years ago.  ...and that these extensions are the source of
a large number of formatting errors with different browers, and are also why
web page authoring tools should be more useful now to hide details.

If I open the page with IE, I see question marks where these tags
appear.  If I view the source with IE, I see a double space in the case fo
the <A0> tag, and quotation marks in place of the tags such as <93>word<94>.

If I open the page with Firefox, all of these places show up as rectangular
box characters.  In the source,  all of these tags are simply replaced with
double spaces.

Microsoft Publisher was used for these web pages.  My question here, just to
make there some compatibility module or something that I can use
before telling the author to change tools?  Since it effects IE as well as
Firefox, I wonder if there is some interpretation the server is supposed to
do with these tags before sending them to the browser.

Some background:  I was asked to set up a webserver for a small non-profit
organization, where the lady running it already had a website authored with
Publisher.  We uploaded the site, and now issues.  Because of the effort
she put in already, if this is something I can fix with a server mod, I
would prefer to do this before asking her to start again with something
other than publisher.

(I have never fully run into browser-compatibility issues.  I know that is
likely a mess, which I have avoided on the small website I run
separately through hand coding very simple HTML with a bit of Javascript and
trying to keep things as simple as possible).

Any advice is appreciated

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