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From Annihilannic <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache 2 not serving pages >255 bytes from vxfs filesystem
Date Tue, 20 May 2008 07:13:36 GMT


I've encountered a baffling problem trying to serve web pages located on a vxfs filesystem.
 Files of 255 bytes or less are served fine, but pages of 256 bytes or more result in a blank
page in FireFox.  If I locate identical files on any other kind of filesystem, they work fine.

I'm using the apache2-2.0.59-1.8 RPM under SLES 9 patchlevel 4, x86_64, with VRTSvxfs-platform-

I compiled the 2.0.63 apache2 source code and the result is the same.  I looked through the
source code and attempted to track down the problem using gdb without success, mainly because
I can't identify the ideal location(s) to set breakpoints.  I ran httpd with LogLevel "debug"
but could see no additional messages.  The result codes logged by apache when using FireFox
as a client are "206 Partial Content", however if I use wget it logs "200 OK", but wget keeps
retrying without actually downloading the web page data.

Does anyone have any theories about the cause of this issue, or suggestions to narrow it down?



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