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From "Jonathan Hayward" <>
Subject [users@httpd] ?Caching? problems?
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2008 22:33:45 GMT
I am trying to move my main sites from a host which is closing to a new
server. Most of the migration has gone well but I am experiencing odd
?caching? behavior that has old data being served up even if I hit
shift-reload or go to a different computer(!).

The new server is running NetBSD, and httpd -v gives:

Server version: Apache/2.0.59
Server built:   Jul  5 2007 12:37:12

The source site is , copied on the new server to . I'm having trouble with the root-level
index, which should change once a minute and does so on the source site.

On the destination site, I have a script that looks at the domain and serves
up either the (changing minute by minute) content of , or if the domain is one of a few specific
domains, serves up the content of . Now,
accessing it through is intended to give
similar results to , and if I circumvent Apache
and run the script on the command line, it does exactly what I want it to.

The behavior I have seen was first for to
give one single, frozen page like shows (this is
persistent across shift-reloads), and then to give the content of .

I can post the script if requested, but I don't think it's the script, both
because it is simple enough--serve up one of two files depending on regexp
comparisons of the domain names--and because I get the intended dynamic
output if I run it from the command line.

Are there ways Apache may be caching that I can configure away in httpd.conf
or script headers? Are there other likely culprits?


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