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From "Halil Ağın" <>
Subject [users@httpd] when a user request a page, i want to do an ldap user insertion, how can i do?
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2008 13:29:14 GMT
Hello List;

I wan to accomplish the following scenario.

There is an apache server, and it hosts many web pages, for example:static
page, php pages, or cgi pages.

There is a user and requests some pages, for example :, then,

when any pages under (/page1 or /page1/subpage1 or
/page1/subpage2) is requested,
i want to insert a  user named as a random number (or session id) into my
ldap schema.
if that requested page or subpages are not requested in 20 minutes (for
example), i want to remove that  user id from ldap.

---end of scenario---

Here is the problem, since this operations will not be done in the requested
pages, how can i identify the distinct users?

I want to identify users before the requested page takes action.

I think that i can do this by modules, but i dont know how to find distinct
users that request the same pages in modules.

how can i do this ?


-Halil Agin

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