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From Pam Astor <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] .htaccess for script aliased directories‏
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2008 15:02:10 GMT

>>> I am trying to password protect a sub directory within the web space of a>>>
domain that is serving site statistics of awstats generated pages. The path>> > to
the dir is /home/user1/www/awstats. When testing, I am able to get a>> > username
and password prompt for the front page of the site, i.e. for>> >,
when I place the .htaccess file in www. But I can't get a>> > functional prompt for when I place the .htaccess in>> > the awstats dir. The login
box comes up but it won't accept my username>> > password combo, even though it will
accept it when I have the same .htaccess>> > file in the www dir.>> >>
See:>>>> >> Your problem
is that you don't have AllowOverride set correctly for>> the relevant directory. But
beyond that, you probably don't want to be>> using .htaccess at all. Just put the directives
in the relevant>> <Directory> section in httpd.conf.>> >> Joshua.>>Thanks
 a,> >I read the above DOC you posted thanks.  Just to clarify, do you>reccomend
that I use the <Directory> method in the main httpd.conf file>as described in the
above, instead ot .htaccess?
Oops, just re read your post :) appears that's what you meant.
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