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From <>
Subject AW: [users@httpd] silent URL redirect/cloak with mod_rewrite
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2008 06:20:22 GMT
Hey Hank,
What do you mean by "silent redirect"?


Von: Hank [] 
Gesendet: Montag, 21. April 2008 01:43
Betreff: [users@httpd] silent URL redirect/cloak with mod_rewrite

Hello All,
I've tried about 100 combinations and searched google over and over, but
I can't find nor figure out how to do this simple task.
I have one webserver with sites at:
/home/user/public_html/  (
<>  site points here) 
I have domain names like this: <>
and <>  
I want to *silently* redirect <>
to  /home/user/public_html/siteA 
and <>  to
Now keep in mind the literals "domainA" is not the same as the directory
name "siteA", and same for domainA/siteA.
I have found several ways to non-silently redirect
<>  to http://basedomain/siteA, but that's not good
enough.  It needs to be a silent re-direct. 
I realize I could do this with virtual domains if I had access to
httpd.conf, but I don't on this server.

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