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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] The simplest of questions ...
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 15:10:43 GMT

On Apr 22, 2008, at 11:00, Tall Paul wrote:

> I am guessing that this is the simplest problem there is but it has  
> me stumped. I installed Apache and PHP and ran the localhost tests  
> and all is well. I have a static IP and I am behind a US Robotics  
> router in which I forwarded port 80 to this PC. I sent my IP  
> ( to my sister and asked her to test the server. She  
> put in her browser and got the "page not  
> found" message. So she tried and got the  
> same results. From what I understand I cannot access my own server  
> via my own IP so that leaves 2 questions.
> 1. What does someone have to enter in a browser to access my server?
> 2. How can I test the connection short of using someone else's  
> internet connection?

First of all, it's very helpful to test this kind of thing in  
something other than Internet Explorer, so that the error message  
doesn't try to be smarter than the user. I'm not getting a "page not  
found" message at that address, but getting a "connection refused"  
message there, which indicates that either the router is not, in  
fact, forwarding the IP address, or that your ISP blocks port 80. The  
latter is actually extremely common - most ISPs don't want you  
running a website without paying more for the service. Try running on  
an alternate port such as 8080 or 8888, and see if it works there. Or  
call your ISP and ask what their policy is on hosted services.

Rich Bowen

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