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From Johannes Truschnigg <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_fcgid + Apache 2.2 fcgi server limit
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 10:22:47 GMT
Hello all,

a problem I once believed solved reappears on one of my servers now - it's a 
IA32 box running Gentoo, Apache 2.2.8 w/ mod_fcgid to acchieve per-user PHP5.
I use wrapper scripts like the following to set environmental variables to 
restrict mod_fcgid from spawning too many processes and also have it kill PHP 
instances after a number of requests to avoid potential memory leaks:

The problem now is that these limits do not seem to apply- Today, I saw my 
httpd spawn a whopping 31 php-cgi processes, just enough that the user's 
ulimit kicks in. I don't want this to happen, and have these values kick in 

I do not know much about the specific inner workings of mod_fcgid, though if 
the module actually uses signals to end its child-processes, problems should 
arise from the fact that the main apache process is running under a different 
EUID than all its php-cgi childs, right?

Has anyone in here a similar setup up and running, and knows how to avoid the 
situation presented above?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
with best regards:
- Johannes Truschnigg ( )

phone: +43 650 2 133337

Please do not bother me with HTML-eMail or attachments. Thank you.

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