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From Hans Tovetjärn <>
Subject [users@httpd] Custom hostname and Apache 2.2.6
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 23:43:14 GMT

I'm a bit new to this, but here goes. My computer is a MacBook Pro  
with Mac OS X 10.4.11, I am not using the bundled Apach 1.3 server,  
it has not been activated prior to this. I installed Apache 2.2.6 (as  
well as PHP and MySQL...) through MacPorts (DarwinPorts) and it has  
been working flawlessly. It is when I attempt the following I can't  
make it work.

I have a fancy prompt in Terminal, which displays  
"username@hostname>", however, I would like the hostname to be the  
computer name, i.e. I want it to look like "hans@laptop>", because  
the current hostname is "host-xx-xxx-xx-xxx" which can clutter up the  
screen a bit too much for me. Now this I solved by typing...

	> sudo hostname laptop

...but after that, I can't seem to start Apache. If I change it back  
to "host-xx-xxx-xx-xxx", all is well. But I want the short name, so I  
try again. The error message I get is as follows:

	httpd: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for laptop
	httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified  
domain name, using for ServerName

This is supposedly merely a warning according to http:// but if I open my  
browser and go to it can't find the server. Nor can I see  
it listed if I do a

	> ps aux | grep httpd

So it would seem it never started at all. I then tried setting my  
hostname in httpd.conf to the following and restarting Apache 2,  
without success:

	host-xx-xxx-xx-xxx (my old hostname)
	host-xx-xxx-xx-xxx:80 (ISP)

None of them worked, I tried changing the listen directive as well to  
my IP, but that wouldn't help me either. Is it possible to use a  
custom hostname and have Apache run simultaneously?

Thanks in advance.



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