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Subject [users@httpd] file permissions
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 02:33:34 GMT
I’ve recently installed Apache server 2.2.6 on my computer and managed to  
get it working with PHP5 and MySQL. I am developing a PHP website and wanted to  
be able to have it all on my computer offline to develop and debug without  
having to upload to my webhost every time I made a change in order to see what  
it looks like.
For the most part, it is working. I can load and see my PHP pages, it’s  
connecting properly to the database, and most functions are working.
However, certain files, such as config files in the PHP website are not  
updating, i.e. it appears that they are not getting permission to be  
overwritten/updated. (Apologies if I’m using layman’s language… I’m self-taught  here.)
The template for the site is an open-source PHPMySpace program. The  
installation instructions are very specific about setting the correct file  
permissions on the external web hosting server (CHMOD settings). In particular,  all 
cache folders need to be set to 777 and all files in these folders to 666,  to 
allow free read and write by the website owner.
Now translate this to my own computer and I am presuming that these folders  
and files (cache folders) need to be completely readable and writable. Windows 
 XP does not allow one to change the “read-only” attribute of folders, but 
they  say this doesn’t matter because the R flag is being used for other 
purposes  other than to set the folder as read-only. They say in fact that it doesn’
t make  the folder read-only at all, and this bears true because we can read, 
overwrite,  copy, and move these folders to our heart’s content. (Nonetheless, 
I've tried  fiddling with the security and file sharing settings for these 
folder and files  as well as a registry tweak I found online, but to no avail.)
So, maybe this is not causing the problem with the files that are refusing  
to be overwritten/updated.
No errors are being thrown. The config settings pages (back end) simply  
reload, but discard any changes and revert back to where they started.
Is there possibly some other user or config setting in Apache that I need  to 
set to overcome this problem.
Has anybody else encountered this problem?
The PHP website requires that certain files are able to be overwritten,  
updated, in order to function properly, but this seems to be being blocked in  
some cases, but not in others, which makes it all the more peculiar, and which  
is why I suspect it has to do with these cache folders and files.
Any help would be much appreciated!

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