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From "Axel-Stephane SMORGRAV" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Lingering children tying up file handles
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 07:01:35 GMT
I wonder whether this could be related to a discussion on the dev list that took place around
the last August-September timeframe, about the handling of file handles across restarts on
different OS platforms.

You can find the thread here:

The following is a quote from the STATUS file for 2.0.x:


   * core log.c: Authored and Reviewed by both rplume and wrowe within 
     the same 10 minutes, share only a single apr_file_t/fd between the
     stderr and server_main->error_log to prevent any lingering write 
     handles from hanging around in unexpected ways.
      PR 43491, solution validated by reporter
      +1: wrowe, rpluem

   * core log.c: Work around possible solutions rejected by apr for
     the old implementation of apr_proc_create(), and explicitly pass
     the output and error channels to all log processes created.
     This goes all the way back to piped logs failing to run on win32.
     Not in or needed at trunk/, as apr 1.3.0 has the proper fix.
     +1: wrowe
     rpluem says: Is this really the correct thing to do on UNIX? I am not sure
     if all dup2 implementation notice that both fd's are the same. Otherwise
     they close stdout/stderr first and dup a then closed fd in stdout/stderr,
     leaving us without stdout/stderr in the child. 

-----Message d'origine-----
De : Chris Boyce [] 
Envoyé : mercredi 14 novembre 2007 20:37
À :
Objet : [users@httpd] Lingering children tying up file handles

Hello... We're using Apache 2.0.59 on Solaris.  I've noticed over the last few bug/security
releases, file handles being held open on rotated log files when using graceful restarts.

>>From what I understand, graceful restarting is the best way to do log
rotation.  But over the course of a few nightly log rotations, there are rotated logs that
never have their file handles closed, causing df to incorrectly report a full filesystem.
 The only fix is to either a) kill the offending server process (if identifiable) or b) do
a hard restart.

In the ps output below, I was able to identify the offending server (see Nov 11 process **):

  nobody 23698  7548  0 12:26:15 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 23769  7548  0 12:27:30 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 23508  7548  0 12:24:33 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 26870  7548  0   Nov 11 ? httpd -k start **
  nobody 23704  7548  0 12:26:39 ? httpd -k start
    root  7548     1  0   Nov 08 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 25972  7548  0 18:40:32 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 23766  7548  0 12:27:10 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 23572  7548  0 12:25:00 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 23636  7548  0 12:25:08 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 23430  7548  0 12:23:29 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 23436  7548  0 12:23:34 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 23703  7548  0 12:26:37 ? httpd -k start
  nobody 23767  7548  0 12:27:18 ? httpd -k start

The Nov 11 server was three days old (and was not the parent process), so it stuck out, and
killing it "freed up" the "used" space in df.

We use the worker MPM as follows:

StartServers           40
MaxClients            350
MinSpareThreads        40
MaxSpareThreads        75
ThreadsPerChild        25
MaxRequestsPerChild 10000

I tried setting MaxRequestsPerChild in an effort to force aging children to die, but that
hasn't helped.

Can anyone explain why these rogue children are not going away over time?  Do I simply need
to stop using "graceful" in my log rotations (though less desirable)?

Thanks for reading.

Chris Boyce

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