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From "Robert Granvin" <>
Subject [users@httpd] How to check for availability of remote server or services?
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2007 17:41:35 GMT
Not sure that's a particularly descriptive subject ...
What we're facing here is a simple situation, but not so clear of a
solution.  Perhaps this is easy and/or someone can offer me suggestions
from past experience?
Basically, our primary web server has a link to an important, well
used, web site that resides on a physically different server (we have
root access to both, by the way, so configuration changes are
When the remote web server is down/unavailable, we want the link to
failover to a catch-all page that gives alternate access temporarily to
important pieces.
The second scenario is that the remote web server itself is up, but the
application running (jboss in this case) is down or non-responsive.  We
want to accomplish the same thing.
My guess is that the first one is a lot easier than the second.  :-) 
I'm not sure if #2 is as easy as creating a custom 404 page.
Anyways, really appreciating input and suggestions.
\\ Robert J. Granvin                                            
 \\                       Metro State

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