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From "Mark Drummond" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] RE: [SPAM] - [users@httpd] vs. - Email found in subject
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2007 15:25:54 GMT
We're a relatively small shop. We have some Cisco content switches, and the
intent *is* to load balance across two physical boxes, but the SSL will be
handled by the web servers themselves.

Can I use the same cert on both machines?

On 19/10/2007, Peter Milanese <> wrote:
> If you have the cash, front end it with some SSL Terminating load
> balancers.
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> Subject: [users@httpd] RE: [SPAM] - [users@httpd]
> - Email found in subject
>  Unless you are using the load balancer ( hardware or software ) or a load
> balancing scheme it shouldn't matter.
> *From:* Mark Drummond []
> *Sent:* Friday, October 19, 2007 11:09 AM
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> *Subject:* [SPAM] - [users@httpd] vs.
> - Email found in subject
> Hi all,
> I have Apache sitting in front of some WebSphere app servers. So far, we
> have always used virtual hosts in Apache to give each application it's own
> FQDN. So we have , etc. This is leading to a
> (small) proliferation of FQDNs, and now I am wondering if it is better to
> have a single FQDN and use URIs to separate the applications. In other
> words, going to, So now I am trying to
> figure out the pros and cons, and looking for some input on how others are
> doing this.
> The way I see it, separate FQDNs for every application require more
> administration. Because we are doing SSL everywhere I have to use IP based
> virtual hosts so I'm creating new interfaces and allocating new IP addresses
> for every new application. And then every app requires it's own certificate.
> On the other hand, the increased separation between applications (separate
> virtual hosts) looks good on paper, and does give me configuration
> flexibility, separate log files etc.
> Moving to <> means I only ever need
> one certificate. Adding a new app is as easy as creating a new directory
> under htdocs. I end up with just one log file, but that is OK since awstats
> can filter for us.
> Any input is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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Rube: Because you're doing what you're doing. When it's time for you to do
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