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From steve sawtelle <>
Subject [users@httpd] unexpected EOF on client side when Apache sends applet class
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 17:24:26 GMT
Apache 2.2.4 on Slax Linux, clients are win 2000 and win 98 with Mozilla an IE

I'm trying to get Apache on a Slax Linux machine to serve an applet to a browser on a Windows

The html loads and displays; the applet is a simple 'hello world' app that runs in appletviewer
fine. html and class are in the htdocs directory. hppd.conf was edited to allow to all. 

The PC requests the html, Apache delivers, ack, ack etc. PC requests helloapp.class, Apache
responds, but the PC shows errors in Java Console and the applet does not run (applet notinited).

load:class helloapp not found.
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: helloapp
    at ......
    at ...
Caused by: unexpected EOF
   at ...

The tcp packet returned by Apache is:

0000  ...v.".....e..E.
0010  .t*I@.@.........
0020  ..P.(....C"..P.
0030  ..xv..HTTP/1.1.2
0040   00.OK..Date:.Thu
0050  ,.25.Oct.2007.10
0060  :16:04.GMT..Serv
0070  er:.Apache/2.2.4
0080  .(Unix).mod_ssl/
0090   2.2.4.OpenSSL/0.
00A0   9.8b.DAV/2..Last
00B0  -Modified:.Thu,.
00C0  25.Oct.2007.09:5
00D0   8:21.GMT..ETag:.
00E0   "220c-214-462de9
00F0   40"..Accept-Rang
0100   es:.bytes..Conte
0110   nt-Length:.532..
0120  Keep-Alive:.time
0130  out=5,.max=100..

The packet is 372 bytes but it says the Content-Length is 532 

This and the error suggest that the actual applet  class is not being included in the packet.

I'm new at this, so it may be something very simple. I did get it to work the other night
after adding codebase="." to the <applet> part of of the html code. But now it's not
helping. I feel I must have changed something in the Apache configuration. 

I tried searching the archives, but it doesn't seem set up well for searching - am I missing
a search link somewhere?

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