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From "Ashwani Kumar Sharma" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] make_sock: could not bind to ...
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 03:58:55 GMT
Hi All,


I am using the getenv("SERVER_PORT") for getting the value of the port on
which my httpd is listening.

I have changes the httpd.conf to listen on port 9200 but the
getenv("SERVER_PORT") return port 80. I am not able to make it why this is


PS: I am able to send the http request to the server on port 9200 but not
port 80.

Please guide




Thanks and Regards,

Ashwani Sharma

Mob: 09916454843

Off: +91-80-26265053


From: Stusynski, Dan [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 10:00 PM
Subject: RE: [users@httpd] make_sock: could not bind to ...




That screenshot basically shows that you are trying to bind Apache to port 80
which is already in use by another service. Arnab's comment below should
solve the problem.


In /conf/httpd.conf change any existing instance of "80" to something else,
such as "888". Specifically, change:

Listen 80 to Listen "your_number_here"

ServerName "your_hostname_or_ip:your_number_here"





From: Jinu [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 11:22 AM
Subject: Re: [users@httpd] make_sock: could not bind to ...


its still giveing me the same problem.  here is a screen shot just incase its
a slightly differant problem then what i thought.


now I do have a router do i need to configure that with anything? and could
that be my problem?



	----- Original Message ----- 

	From: Arnab Ganguly <>  


	Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 5:35 AM

	Subject: Re: [users@httpd] make_sock: could not bind to ...


	Refer to you httpd.conf file.There is one parameter named
Servername.Put your hostname or ipaddress followed by the port number where
you want to listen.Like for example
	Also there is one more param named as Listen.Put the same port value
corresponding to Listen.For example Listen 80 and start the Apache.You should
not be getting the error.
	Thanks and regards

	On 10/23/07, Jinu <> wrote: 

	I tried looking in the wiki for this information as to why i am
getting this message when i start the program apache.  It tells me that I
need to do a run on my winows for netstat -ano.  Well unfortunatly there is
no netstat program for me to do this with.  When i try to run this windows
tells me that Netstat is not a vallid win32 aplication.  Does anyone know
whats going on?


	I am a total newbie to this software I intended to turn my computer
in to a webhost for my personal website.. I was told that i had to have this
software in order to do so when I get my domain address.


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